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KDC Celebrates 30 Years of Success with Austin Commercial

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May 9, 2024


Dallas/Fort Worth

DALLAS - Longtime Austin Commercial partner and commercial developer KDC shared a letter of thanks celebrating the two firms' 30-year history of success. Signed by a dozen of KDC's leadership team, the letter reflects back on the many project collaborations and lasting relationships built within each company. Austin thanks KDC for this very special recognition and sends its appreciation for the teamwork, collaboration, and excellence in each of the company's projects with KDC.

The letter reads:

"Dear Austin Commercial Team:

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we are sending this letter to you! We sincerely thank you for 30 years of great success together!

Please know what we completed our first Austin Commercial project 30 years ago, and as we look back, we are so appreciative of the GREAT job you have consistently done over the 30-year period! The results of your work have been excellent, yet even more impressive are the longstanding relationships we have made with David Walls along with his great team of leaders and builders at Austin Commercial.

In our opinion, the Austin leadership team lead by David has been very consistent, very high in quality, and basically "Best in Class"!

From KDC's perspective, the Austin Commercial leadership team has really "stepped up" as needed whenever we have had an issue or subcontractor misstep. Your attitude and actions have been consistent for the entire 30 years of our working relationship. We are very grateful.

Many thanks to each of you for helping to lead our projects. Please see a snapshot (attached) of our projects completed or underway. We are proud to have you at our side! Thanks so much for our partnership"

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